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Conversion Sports and Entertainment-Founder and President CC Carnie, has been described as “dynamic”, “a powerhouse”, and a relentless professional.” These are hearty descriptions, but ones that justly define the executive who has garnered attention as a “Power Player” from the likes of Fortune 500 Executives and Boardroom Colleagues throughout the sports and entertainment industry. As former president and partner at Serchlite Music, CC worked tirelessly to cultivate her relationships and has unmatched expertise in specialized sports marketing, promotion, branding and advertising, which has helped steer the superstar careers of many a professional athlete, recording artist or burgeoning brand.  She is fueled by her intense passion for everything she does.  CC makes sure she lives life without regrets, that’s her philosophy and it’s one that has kept her at the top of her game.

What is the secret to her success?  “Passion. Plain and simple.  There is no success without passion. I love what I do!  If I didn’t, I would never be able to put in the time and effort it takes to run a successful business.  You have to get up and go out there every day and make sure you work harder & smarter than anyone else you know.” she explains, “To stay relevant, you have to.” CC is considered a top leader in her field and has helped guide Conversion Sports to be considered one of the premiere specialized Sports Marketing and Entertainment companies in the industry, working with some of the top professional athletes in the NFL and NBA, hundreds of recording artists, charting an amazing 80% of those artists to Billboard’s Top 200.

Long before mainstream came calling, CC made it a point to pursue broader opportunities for many of her clients.  She transitioned into producing shows and features for ESPN360 and ESPN.Com that included “Sweat Spot”, “HomeBase” and others.  She went on to create and executive produce the largest NFL event during draft week, The Official NFL Pre-Draft Celebrity Bash, co-executive produce 3 music compilations for ESPN, Nike and GM, as well as executive produce and score for 4 nationally syndicated television series. “For me, it’s always been about staying in there, continuing dialogue and getting companies to see what I see, that my clients, the athlete or the artist and the brand are the perfect match.”

“A lot of time, we are translators,” says CC.  “We act as a laison between our clients and the Corporate Community, to smooth out the differences in culture.  The typical young professional athlete or artist’s lifestyle has crossed all lines and we explain that.  It’s about the music you listen to, the team you root for, the clothing you wear, the language, the kind of experiences you claim as your own.  Once we can get corporate to identify with the lifestyle and help them see that in their consumer, that’s when they see the bigger picture.”

And just because CC is now doing business with the corporate elite, she is unapologetic about selling the athlete or artist lifestyle to mainstream America.  “That audience has not just accepted, but embraced our culture without us having to change it from the way it is” she explains.

THE PHILOSOPHY: “I try and only work with athletes and clients that have their own unique sense of self that sets them apart in the marketplace. Just as important is their dedication to their craft and to themselves as professional athletes.” “I need people who are serious about what they do, who are willing to put in the hard work.  I won’t work harder for them than they do for themselves.  I look for clients who are hungry; who will do whatever it takes to make it happen.  That’s the way I work, that’s what I expect from my staff and that’s the level I expect the client to meet and work at with us.”

CC Carnie

CC Carnie